Saturday, November 14, 2009

Let the Christmas caroling begin

November 7, 2007 ¡Feliz Noviembre!

Wow! Christmas is coming! Can you believe it? I remember last Christmas, recently arriving in a strange land, not being able to understand anything but still feeling the love of the people here in Chile. I'm already pretty excited for the Holidays. We've started singing Christmas songs before going to bed, and it's starting to get hot! Finally! I love the sun. We're finally walking around in short sleeves, and it feels great to be able to sweat and feel like a "real" missionary. :)

This week has been amazing! We've had to have a lot of patience as almost all of our appointments fell through, but we still have had a lot of success. We've started just having fun with the trials here in the field. We talk to EVERYONE on the streets, do magic, sing for them, and even dance. :) I especially like talking to the little kids and doing magic for them. They always stare at you in awe as you walk away and say, "Wow! He did magic!" We have even had a couple of references from the little kids as they have run to their parents saying, "Look! Look! They can do magic!" It's really funny.

We've started having lots of work here in the office of the mission as well, but we don't worry too much if we don't get it all done. There really is way too much to do to have a proselyting sector and work in the office, so one of the two jobs has to be the priority, and our investigators will always be our priority. I absolutely love teaching and helping all the people here in Antofagasta. I have met some of the greatest people here, as well as some of the most tragic situations that I have ever seen. But one thing is sure: no matter what the circumstance, the gospel of Jesus Christ will ALWAYS help us, never hurt us or take away what we hold most dear, that is, our families. The gospel of Jesus Christ is what gives us happiness and peace now and in the eternities.

One strange miracle this week that happened is that I called up our old investigator who belongs to another church that has some really strong doctrines against our church. He is awesome, but randomly he stopped coming to church and we couldn't get a hold of him. I think that one of the members in our ward offended him with some hasty remarks about the wife of this investigator, who, with his daughter, had kicked him out of his house. Well, when I called him up, he told me that he was really bad. He said that his wife had passed away the week before because she overdosed on some medications. This investigator is now living again in our sector and needs a lot of help. He wants to continue attending our church, and he really wants and needs help during this difficult time in his life. We have an appointment to meet with him again after his month or two absence from church. I don't know why everything happens the way it does, but I do know that God works in mysterious ways and that He is always willing to help His children in need.

Let see, what else is new? Here in the office, Elder Galli returned, and we have a pretty weird transfer. Elder Galli is Elder Madrigal's companion but also assistant to the president. Elder Romero is basically rotating in sectors here in Antofagasta and traveling with President Urra. And Elder Rivas and I are companions again. It's lots of fun. :) I'm sending some pictures today of our P-day. We invited a few youngsters to play basketball and soccer with us, so we played in the morning and then watched "Madagascar 2" in Spanish (which President Urra approved for this transfer). It was fun. We watched it in the office and ordered pizza. Now, we're going to get off and start proselyting soon. I'm excited because we have some great appointments today. I hope they don't fall through!

Well, I hope you all know how much I love you. Keep being amazing, and stay strong! Life is good. :)

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