Saturday, October 24, 2009

TGI Fridays

October 10, 2009 (Leciram is getting baptized!)

Thank you so much for writing. Mom, thank you so much especially for your hand written note. It was awesome. I really enjoyed reading about all the happening in the Hobbs house and reading your beautiful testimony. Gracias.

This week has been really awesome. There are now 4 missionaries in Antofagasta Centro, so we don't have to walk around in a three-some. It's really hard to teach the gospel with three missionaries instead of two. But now, Elder Rivas is my companion (AGAIN!) and Elder Brandau is training Elder Madrigal to be the secretary of the mission. Poor guy, he's going to have TONS of work and a huge headache for weeks as he gets used to his new assignment! :) But, it's been really great working here in the office and, even more, in our sector. Missionary work is awesome!

I'm sending a few pictures from this past Monday when we went to TGI Friday's both to celebrate Elder Shirley's 21st birthday and to say goodbye to the amazing Steeds that worked here in the office with us. Elder Steed was the commissary of the mission, and Sister Steed was the Historian. Now, Elder Rivas is doing both of those jobs, and he's going to start teaching Elder Madrigal as well. But, we have felt extremely blessed to have the companionship of the spirit and to be able to leave the office every day really early and work in our sector.

The other pictures are of a university in front of our apartment building. Jessica, don't you love the paint job they did? Isn't is awesome?

On Tuesday, we had a dinner at the Mission home to say bye to the Steeds. They will be dearly missed! They always served so well, and they are an example of faith and love. It has been so great working with them, but now they are in the States again. After the mission I want to keep in touch. They are so awesome. :) Now, we are going to have 3 or 4 missionaries in the office here until December, when another missionary couple will arrive to be the Commissary and Historian. We're looking forward to that day -- should be great!

Just so that you know, we do not consider ourselves office missionaries! We just happen to work in the office every morning. Our hearts and minds are always focused on our investigators in our sector. This afternoon, we have a baptism. Our investigator Leciram is going to be baptized! I am really excited for this baptism. Leciram is one of the most amazing investigators that I have taught, and she has a testimony that is super strong and pure. It is a joy to have taught her and see such a great miracle in her life, the miracle of true conversion.

In our mission, we have a goal to baptize 4 people and have 10 inactive members attending sacrament meeting in each companionship before the end of the year. That means that we have a goal to baptize 8 more people in our ward and have 20 inactive members re-activated. I'm excited to work towards this goal because I love to see the wonderful blessings that come into the lives of the people here as they learn the truths of the gospel and strive to know their Heavenly Father.

I love you all so much! There's tons to say but so little time... I hope you know how much I love you all. You are in my prayers every day, and I know that it will be a happy day when we can see each other again. Take care, and know that the Lord is always with us in our lives.

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