Saturday, October 24, 2009


July 25, 2009 (...or is it a sprinkle?)

Hello family! Guess what? It rained this week!

Okay, it was actually just a little sprinkle, but that's okay. The pictures of the beach and the city are right after the rain when the sky was super clear. I thought it was pretty awesome.

With rain meant that the people here in Antofagasta suffered a lot. There are many houses without roofs, and the ones with roofs really aren't built to handle rain as much as they are to block out the sun. It was pretty neat to once again get a little wet from walking outside. It was a nice change.

I'm also sending a picture from my Birthday lunch at TGI Friday's last Saturday. Elder and Sister Steed, who work in the office with us, took all the office missionaries out to lunch for my birthday. It was awesome! Sadly, I forgot to take pictures of all the HUGE meals that we had. Some got platters of ribs and fries that made mom's huge plates look like dessert plates. I got a nice steak with a salad and vegetables. With the Beatles and Elvis playing in the background, and minus the chilean waitresses and menus in Spanish, it seemed like we were in the states during the meal (the Steeds also don't speak much Spanish, so we speak lots of English with them). To top it off, we all had a huge dessert with brownies and ice cream. MMmmm....

Basically, this is why I'm getting so fat here in the mission. Half of the day is spent on the computer or at the bank, and the other half is spent eating and sleeping. Oh well, at least I'm enjoying myself... :)

No, but really the work is going really well. We're teaching a lot and having lots of success. Right now, we have two investigators with baptismal dates in August. Also, my old investigators from CopiapĆ³ are getting baptized! One (Carlos Zepeda) got baptized a few weeks ago, and another (Katherine) is getting baptized today! My former companion, Elder Rivas, is going to send me some pictures, so I'll share them with you when I get them.

One investigator we have right now is Luis Julio. He is progressing amazingly. He's kind of gangster, but he is keeping all of his commitments and has gained a strong testimony of the Book of Mormon. He has also come to church 5 or 6 times. In our next lesson, we're going to teach the law of chastity because he needs to take out his diamond-studded earings. It should be fun. :) I love the work of the Lord!

Thanks for being so awesome. I have tons of stories to tell but not much time to write. Tell everyone "Hola" and that I love them for me! I love you all and hope that all is going well for you in your lives. I have received one package so far (the one with the credit card and the wasabi beans) but I'm still waiting on the other. I'll let you know when it comes!

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