Saturday, October 24, 2009

Pictures says 1000 words

August 15, 2009 (P-Day on the Beach)

I'm sorry I can't write to everyone individually; we just got back from our P-day activity, and my companion and I have to get out to an appointment that we have with an awesome investigator!

But, as a picture says 1000 words, I'll just go ahead and some some photos. Today, after a thorough cleaning of our apartment, Elder Shirley and Elder Romero (the APs), Hermana Urra (President Urra's wife), Hermana Zamudio and Hermana Quiroz, and Elder Brandau and I headed off to a nice little beach to have a P-day activity. Just this week, Hermana Quiroz got news from her family that her brother had passed away. So, we had this little activity today to help pick up their spirits! We played a little ball (football, fútbol, and volley ball), ate choripán (little red sausages common here in Chile), and built a sand-castle temple. It was pretty fun!

This week has been filled with work. It's pretty tough to balance all the work here in the office and in our proselyting sector, but I can feel our Heavenly Father's help every day! There are days when both my companion and I are mentally drained from our work in the morning, but the moment in which we enter a house to teach, the spirit gives us the extra energy that we need to make it to the end of the day. And what's more, we're happy! There really are little miracles in every aspect of the Lord's work. I love this mission!

Let's see, this week lots of things happened. We had to deal with angry people wanting money that wasn't theirs, I had to translate our entire Zone Conference to English (that was pretty crazy), we have tons of investigators who are progressing towards baptism, lots of inactive members have returned to church, and my companion thinks he's going to jail for writing a date in one of the missionaries passports. Ah, the mission office! Isn't it great?

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