Saturday, October 24, 2009


September 5, 2009 (Baptism in cold water)

¡Hola! ¿Cómo están todos? ¿Cómo anda la vida allí en Albuquerque?

Let me tell you, I'm pretty jealous about your new pursuit in the wilderness of Turkey Creek right now. You have to send some sweet pictures of all the fish that you catch and the great meals you make there in Colorado. I'm sure it's going great!

Let's see, what's new to tell you? Oh yeah, we had a baptism! (see the pictures attached). The baptismal service was to start at 5pm last Saturday, so we got there a little early to fill the baptismal font (there wasn't any hot water, so it was nice and cold!), and I had to get changed. At 5pm, Erika Oblitas, our investigator who was to be baptized, wasn't there. We were a little nervous, but this happens a lot here in Chile. We waited a bit longer. At 5:30pm, I took some pictures of me and my invisible investigator. Erika still wasn't there! Finally, one of the members got a hold of her; she was forced to work late in the elementary school where she works, but she got out right away. By 6pm, we got started with the baptism. It went really well, and the spirit was strong. When I got in the water, I flinched because it was so cold! But, when Erika was baptized, her face was of pure joy. Afterwords she told us that she didn't even feel cold at all, only a warmth inside. (hyporthermia???? j/k).

Let's see, what else is new? We're changing our entire system here in the office so that everything is on the internet. It's tons of work, but somehow we have had tons of success in our proselyting sector as well. It really is a miracle to be able to work in God's vineyard and see all the fruits of our labor.

We have a bunch of investigators who are progressing and tons of inactive members who are coming back to church right now. It's is awesome to see them all there in the chapel! One neat experience is with our investigator Silvestre who is a Jehovah's Witness. He is progressing a ton, and his knowledge of the bible is just incredible. He just has one doubt right now, a scripture found in 1 Corinthians 11 that says that the women should cover their heads during prayer. Why don't we practice this scripture? Of course, we know the answer! However, we need to be pretty careful of how we answer. I hope it all goes well in our next lesson!

Well, I sure do love life here in Chile. The people are amazing. I am learning a ton (especially Christ-like attributes) and feel like I'm progressing a lot. This really is God's work here on the Earth; I cannot deny the witness of the Holy Ghost that I've received day after day, especially as I've strived to receive the gifts that only come from our Heavenly Father (like the gift of tongues!).

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