Saturday, October 24, 2009

Conference was awesome!

October 5, 2009 (Luis Julio, an amazing young man.)

How's everyone doing? Life has been super great here in the mission. We've been working hard, and I can see all the fruits of our labors starting to bloom. It is awesome!

A week ago, we had a baptismal service for one of our investigators, Luis Julio. He is an amazing young man and will be a great missionary and member. I don't know why, but here in Antofagasta Centro we've been having a ton of success with boyfriends and girlfriends. Thought it was funny because I just remembered the phrases we'd use before the mission, things like "flirt to convert" and all that. :) However, these converts are amazing. We make sure that they have a strong testimony on their own and they aren't being baptized for their boyfriend or girlfriend. Luis has had a huge change of heart, and I just love seeing and hearing his testimony of the gospel!

This coming Saturday, we'll be having another baptism. And guess what? It's the girlfriend of a member in our ward! Her name is Leciram, and she is really awesome. She has one of the strongest testimonies and desires to learn that I have seen here in Chile. She always has tons of questions about her reading in the Book of Mormon, and she is even starting to understand Isaiah! I would call that progress, wouldn't you?

I really do love being here in the mission. Can you believe that the time is flying so fast? Before you know it, I'll be coming home, getting married, having a bunch of little bouncing babies, and our family will be huge! :)

This week, we're going to see lots of changes in our mission. There are lots of special transfers, and our threesome will disappear! I will still be companions with Elder Rivas, but Elder Brandau will start training a new Secretary for the mission and will be serving separately from us. So, we now have 2 companionships in our area. Yay!

Well, I really do love being here in the mission. Thank you for always writing and for your wonderful spirits and testimonies! I love my amazing family. Keep on being so awesome, and see you in a year.

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