Saturday, October 24, 2009

Armadillo friend

September 12, 2009 (Flea's)

Wow, I love life. Isn't is just amazing? We've been working a ton here in Chile, especially in the office. This week, we change our entire office system to one on the internet. It's super powerful and awesome! We have direct access to all the databases in Salt Lake, so if we need any information about missionaries we have it. It's great for me especially because it makes payments super easy. Before, to make any payments to missionaries or anybody else, President Urra had to be in the office to put in his password and send the money electronically. Now, he can access this program from anywhere, as long as he has internet access, and approve payments. Yay!

Other than life in the office, work is great. I'm sending some pictures, before I forget, of Antofagasta and where I live. One is of me posing on my bed with my Armadillo friend, who was a gift from Hermana Urra for my birthday. I am also sending a couple photos of our apartment building (we live on the 12th floor) and of our office building, which they are finally repainting!

Thank you so much for your letters! When I was reading dad's letter about his fireside/spiritual thought at Turkey Creek, I read "FLEE" and thought it was kind of funny because it's a word I've been thinking of a lot. But, my spelling is a little different. I've been thinking "FLEA" (or "Pulga") because there sure are a ton here in Chile! I've been spraying my bed with bug killer a lot, but it still seems like I have more and more flea bites every day. Oh well... I'm kinda used to it by now... The other week, I counted the flea bites just on my stomach and back, and there were over 70! Awesome, huh? ;)

Okay, maybe that's something that mom really doesn't want to hear. But don't worry. The fleas don't bug me too much any more. I'm not too itchy (unless I start scratching my stomach) because I'm pretty much used to it by now. I think it's a thing about Antofagasta because I didn't every get flea bites in the other cities.

Onto other news! We're getting ready for transfers again, and in 2 transfers our senior couple is leaving the office! It's pretty sad, but the worst part is that there aren't any other couple missionaries assigned to our mission yet. So, we're fighting with Salt Lake for more, and in the mean time another missionary will be assigned to the office to learn the duties of the senior missionaries. They assigned my previous companion - Elder Rivas! It's gonna be really great working with Elder Rivas here in the office. (But you can't tell him because he doesn't know just yet). He was my companion in Copiapó and one of my really good friends in the mission, and he was also companions with Elder Brandau (my companion right now). Now, we're all together again, and we're all gonna be working in the office. It'll be great. :)

We are seeing tons of miracles also in our proselyting sector. The work is progressing, and we have another baptism this Thursday! I sure do hope and pray that everything goes well with this baptism. Our investigator is José Vidal. He is a great person, and I'm pretty excited for his baptism. He has been coming to church for over a year now, and he's finally going to get married the same day of his baptism. I'm pretty excited for all of it!

I sure do love the work here in Chile. It's really tough many days, kind of like an emotional roller coaster. But, the experiences that I'm having right now in the mission are truly amazing. I am loving every second. Know that I love all of you and think about you a lot! I hope all is well and that you are happy and healthy. Make sure to write!

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