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Sam and Companion are assaulted!

May 25, 2009 (Zone activity, barbecue, ultimate Frisbee, etc.)

I have had quite the exciting week. I'm really loving the mission! First of all, I'm sending some pictures that I took today at our Zone Activity. We went to a park that is the border of our area and had a barbeque. Also, there is a little zoo in the middle of the park, so we went and saw some of the animals! It was really fun. We played some ultimate frisbee (which is nice because we gringos have a chance against all of the latinos, unlike when we play soccer), looked at the animals, got spit on by a bunch of llamas, and the like. It was great.

Oh, before I forget, my companion, Elder Rivas (he's from San Salvador, El Salvador in Central America) wants to see pictures of when we went to Japan. Do you think you can send him some neat pictures? Especially of all the statues and things. I don't know why, but he's really interested in things like that. It would be kind of neat to show them to him.

Also, my credit card for Sandia National Laboratories is starting to fall apart, and I'm not sure if I can use it much longer. Dad, is there a way that I can receive a new credit card in case of emergencies (ie. when I want to buy extra food and don't have enough money)? That would be really awesome.

This week, we had some great success in our sector. We found a few new investigators and left to work a lot with the members in our ward. It's a bit tough to get to know a new ward, all the members, investigators, street names, etc, but I think I'm finally feeling a little bit more comfortable. Here in Copiapó, there is actually a ton of green. It's getting cold in the night and in the morning, so I'm having a big coat sent to me from the mission office in Antofagasta. I guess Arica is the only city of Eternal Spring! :)

Yesterday was really exciting. Mom, you might not want to read this part... After a really successful day, we were walking back to our house (oh yeah! We're living in a really small, cute little house right now. It's fun) in front of a supermarket called Deca. As we were walking, a crazy looking guy with a mohawk and gauge earing walked out in front of us and started asking if we were from the US. It turns out he was a neo-nazi. My companion said he was from El Salvador and I told him I was from Chile. He then started yelling obsenities in English, and my companion stepped in front of him and told me to go into the store. As I went, the neo-nazi slapped my companion really hard in the face. We went into the store, and the crazy guy followed us and hit me in the head. However, the security guards stopped him from coming into the store. We called the police (los carabineros) and the like, and we had to go to the hospital to fill out some paperwork in order to arrest the neo-nazi. The crazy thing is that my companion and I don't have even a mark from where the guy hit us. It didn't hurt at all, and I can tell that we were really protected by our Heavenly Father. It was a neat experience, one to tell the kids. ;) So don't worry, mom. I'm okay. We're being as careful as possible, especially with people who are anti-USA.

Well, I'm feeling a bit lazy so I'll let you go at that. The mission rocks and I'm loving every minute! I love you all, and take care! Thanks for writing!


Élder Hobbs

PS. Here is an excerpt from my letter to the mission president this week. I don't know, maybe you'll enjoy reading it!

Esta semana pasada fue excelente, y tuvimos mucho éxito. Si, un neonazi nos asaltó, pero sé que Dios nos protegió para que no recibiéramos daño. En realidad, esta experiencia va a ser muy graciosa por mis hijos algún día. No obstante, quiero que nada mal nos pase a mí ni a mi compañero. Si hay algo que nosotros podemos hacer para prevenir una situación así, estamos dispuestos a escuchar.

Aprendí esta semana mucho más paciencia, fe y humildad. Mi compañero Élder Rivas es buenísimo y estoy aprendiendo mucho de él. A veces me sentí triste (como ayer en la mañana) y no sé porque. Pero, pedí el consejo de mi compañero y me recordé que sólo necesito olvidarme a mi mismo y enfocarme en las necesidades de los demás. Para mí, esto es muy difícil. Pero, estoy aplicando este consejo en la obra y puedo testificar que es cierto. Si me siento deprimido, tengo que encontrar a cualquiera que tiene más problemas que yo y ayudarla a sentirse mejor. Y, en el proceso, me siento mucho mejor. ¡Qué milagro!

Ayer (domingo), tuvimos una lección dividida con Elizabeth, una menos activa en nuestro barrio. Fuimos a la casa de su tía y ¡entramos altiro! Enseñamos la primera lección, y salió muy bien. Esta tía (Mariela) es muy receptiva al mensaje de la restauración. Nuestra lección era como una del CCM donde todo sale bien. Estoy muy animado de verla otra vez y verificar como le fue la lectura en 3 Nefi 11. Oro que ella reciba una respuesta a su oración, y ¡espero que ella ore!

Here is the babelfish translation:

This past week was excellent, and we were much successful. If, a neoNazi assaulted to us, but I know that God protected to us so that we did not receive damage. In fact, this experience is someday going to be very graceful by my children. However, I want that nothing badly passes nor companion to us. If there is something us we can make to prevent a situation thus, we are arranged to listen. I much more learned this week patience, faith and humility. My companion Élder Rivas is best and I am learning much of him. Sometimes I felt sad (as yesterday in the morning) and I do not know because. But, I requested the advice of my companion and I remembered that only I need to forget to me same and to focus me in the needs of the others. For me, this is very difficult. But, I am applying this advice in the work and can testify that it is certain. If I feel gotten depressed, I must find to whatever I have more problems than and help it to feel better. And, in the process, I feel far better. What miracle! Yesterday (Sunday), we had a lesson divided with Elizabeth, one less active in our district. We went to the house of its aunt and we entered altiro! We teach the first lesson, and came out very well. This aunt (Mariela) is very receptive to the message of the restoration. Our lesson was like one of the CCM where everything comes out well. Very I am animated to see it and to verify again as Nefi 11 were to him the reading in 3. Gold that it receives an answer to her oration, and I hope that she prays!

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