Sunday, February 15, 2009

¡Hola Familia!

January 19, 2009 (Museum)

Whoa, I still can't believe I'm doing nothing but speaking in and listening to Castellano (Spanish) all day. Que loco... My Spanish really isn't too great, but I'm trying! Hopefully by Mother's day I'll be able to speak a little more and be really awkward for the phone call. That's my goal for the new year! ;)

Well, the photos I'm sending are all from today. As a zone, we visited the Refugio Floral del Picaflor de Arica, the place where they pick and prepare all of the olives, and a museum of a bunch of ancient artifacts from the early America. There are some of the oldest mummies in the world at this museum! Cool, huh?

The pictures of the llama are for Jacob. Remember the good ol' days of the Emperor's New Groove? Well, I met a llama today, and it just happened to be my companion! It turns out he drank some magic potion prepared by an evil witch who wanted to stop the progress of the church, but she forgot one of the fundamental laws of the Universe: El estandarte de la verdad se ha izado, y ¡ninguna mano impía puede detener el progreso de la obra! :)

And how can you forget the picture at Roly's of my gigantic lunch? Today I decided to try the chacarero (a gigantic sandwich with beef, porotos verdes [green beans], mayonesa, ají [hot chili peppers] instead of the churrasco, and my companion had a completo (hot dog with everything on it). And yes, I'm drinking Sprite again to ensure that the parasites are all dead. Oh yeah, and they didn't offer water at the restaurant! Crazy...

Well, this week has been great. I'm learning a lot and having a great time. Here you go for some Castellano, Chilean style:

¡Mi familia me asombra! Gracias por su correo electronico, sus pensamientos y sus oraciones. En realidad, no tengo mucho para decir. La obra misional es difícil a veces pero siempre un milagro. Mi compañero le gusta enseñarme cómo hablar más "flaite" (la palabra por "gangster" acá en Chile). Las "ch"s son mas como "sh" y viceversa. Y sé que mi castellano no es perfecto, pero ¡estoy tratando! Jared, ¿tienes más ideas para aprender este idioma? Probablemente, solamente tengo que tener paciencia, pero ¡esto es difícil! Trato estudiar el idioma 30 minutos o mas cada día, pero siempre hay otras cosas para hacer (como el almuerzo a la casa de papito o los miembros, reuniones de distrito, etc.). Jacob -- ¡quiero hablar contigo en Español cuando regresa yo! Practica mucho antes de regresar yo. :)

Here is the babelfish translation of the last paragraph:
My family astonishes to me! Thanks for its electronic mail, its thoughts and their orations. In fact, I do not have much to say. The missionary work is difficult sometimes but always a miracle. My companion it likes to teach how to speak " more to me; flaite" (the word by " gangster" here in Chile). " ch" s is but like " sh" and vice versa. And I know that my Castilian is not perfect, but I am trying! Jared, you have more ideas to learn this language? Probably, I only must have patience, but this is difficult! Treatment to study the language 30 minutes or but every day, but always are other things to do (like the lunch to the house of papito or the members, meetings of district, etc.). Jacob -- I want to speak with you in Spanish when I return! I practice long before returning. :)

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