Saturday, February 21, 2009

¡Hola! ¿Cómo están esta semana?

February 16, 2009: Hello! How they are this week?

This week has been great. First of all, let me tell you about the pictures! The first two are of our lunch on Monday a week ago. We had mariscos (shell fish) in one of the stores in the center of Arica. MMMM, ¡que rico! The next one is me with some cinammon rolls that we baked the other day. They turned out alright, but they were more like cookies than cinammon rolls. Hmm, I guess I'll just have to keep practicing! The last picture is one of me and my companion with the Flores family. They are awesome, so I had to get a picture.

Okay, so things that happened this week. I had my first warm shower in Chile! My companion and I finally purchased gas in order to cook the cinammon rolls, so we decided to have a warm shower. But I don't know, I think I still might enjoy the cold showers more! ;)

We attended a fireside in which our investigator (Erwin) was presenting the theme for our ward conference: "Guardar los mandamientos, guardar silencio, invoca mi espíritu." When he bore his testimony, it was so powerful! He has his baptismal date planned for the end of March, and I am grateful for the opportunity I had to teach him a little. But, now he can probably teach me a thing or two about the church. He will be a strong member; I'll probably send a thing or two more about him after his baptism.

The violin performance went well on Thursday night. I just played a little Bach, and though I was a little rusty, I don't think the members in my ward could tell the difference. On Sunday, we had our ward conference. After many practices and a lot of prayer, the choir sang in sacrament meeting -- the first choir EVER in Simón Bolívar (my ward -- the oldest ward in Arica). And it went awesome! I know our many prayers were answered because it was a miracle we witnessed yesterday during our performance. :)

No sé que más puedo decir de la obra acá en Chile. Cada dia es una bendición, y aunque hay muchas pruebas y desafíos, voy a seguir adelante y poner mi confianza en el Señor. Hoy día es el comienzo de mi tercer cambio acá en Chile. Recibí una llamada esta mañana de Elder Verwer, un asistente al Presidente Urra (el presidente de la misión), y ¡me dijo que mi nuevo compañero será Elder Knacksfeldt, un gringo! Estoy animado por este nuevo cambio, pero voy a extrañar mi entrenador, Elder Cañellas. ¡Él está regresando a su casa mañana! El tiempo en la misión pasa volando -- ¡que loco!

Babelfish translation: I do not know that I can more say here of the work in Chile. Every day is a blessing, and although there are many tests and challenges, I am going to follow ahead and to put my confidence in the Gentleman. Nowadays third change here in Chile is the beginning of my. I received a call this morning of Elder Verwer, an assistant to President Urra (the president of the mission), and it said to me that my new companion will be Elder Knacksfeldt, a gringo! I am animated by this new change, but I am going to surprise my trainer, Elder Cañellas. It is returning to his house tomorrow! The time in the mission happens flying -- that crazy!

Well, not much more to say. I'll tell you more about my new companion next week after I meet him tomorrow. I have great expectations for this next cambio (transfer)! Whoa, I can't believe how fast the time is flying! Anyways, take care, and know that I love you!

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