Sunday, January 18, 2009

¡Otra semana en el paraíso!

January 12, 2009

First of all: THANK YOU!!!!! Navidad llegó un poco atrasado, but nonetheless, our Christmas in January was amazing! You guys sure know how to make the poor, starving, South-American missionary happy! :) And I love the ties -- they're my new favorites! The pictures I'm sending are of our Christmas after Christmas on January 9th. I also received some letters from some friends and a package from Aunt Cathy with chocolates, a tie, and socks! Man, am I spoiled or what? What can I say? The life of a missionary is great!

Oh, and about the package from the Lemmons, I think that Aunt Cathy accidently slipped in a note for Jacob. So, you probably will want to tell Jacob that Aunt Cathy says hi, wishes him the best for after the mission and with his future wife, etc.

Well, you can probably tell that I got another haircut. This time it's not as short as it was before, but the lady that cut it did take off I little more than what I wanted. Oh well, at least I don't have to get another haircut for a while! Oh yeah, the haircut cost $1000 pesos (a little less than 2 dollars), just to let Dad know. I know that he likes to hear about the prices of things down here. I think that you can also purchase wild south american hamster (jamster silvestre de sur América) for pretty cheap too. :)

And now, the paragraph for babelfish:

Esta semana fue buena. Recibí la habilidad de hablar un poco más y entender un poco más. Es verdad que hay milagros en el mundo hoy! Yo y mi compañero desafiamos a dos niños (Matias y Kimberly) para ser bautizados. Me encanta esta obra misional, y aunque tengo muchas pruebas cada día, sé que Dios está para ayudarme y fortalecerme por los desafíos de la misión. Si o si, seguiré adelante en la obra de Dios! Me sentí muy contento a causa de la misericordia de nuestro Padre Celestial. ¿Pueden creer que solamente puedo hablar en Castellano (Español)? Y no sé como, pero ¡puedo explicarme! (más o menos...)

This week is the start of my second cambio with Elder Cañellas. I started teaching classes of English this Wednesday, and we had a great turn out -- two people! Alexas and Kimberly! :) But, the word is spreading, so were planning for more people this coming Wednesday. A lot more. I'll let you know how it goes.

Well, just to let you know, the church is true, the sky is blue, and I love my life! Keep up being amazing, and I'll talk to you on el Dia de Mamás. ¡Chau! ¡Les quiero!

Elder Hobbs

PS. Remeber the picture of the churrasco some weeks past? I had my second churrasco today, and it was delicious. $3000 pesos, but worth every one. :) Am I fat or what? Also, the chocolates are almost gone. I like to eat a lot. And my companion also. And also the people here in Chile LOVE north American chocolate! Fun, eh?

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Dan said...


I'm giving a test in a testing center on campus right now and was looking at your blog. I have enjoyed reading about your mission life and the many things you have already done and accomplished. I'm proud of you. I'm sure by now you have heard that Jordan received his mission call to South America too. We're a luck family to have 2 missionaries serving.

Good luck to you always and keep your fantastic attitude up.

Love ya