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¡Feliz Navidad! ALMOST!

December 22, 2008

Wow, it's really hot today! ¡Hace muchismo calor! I still can't believe that it's Christmas this week. Where does the time go? It's been fun during las fiestas de Navidad. And the work has been great!

Thanks for your wonderful emails and love! I'm looking forward to the phone-call on Thursday, but my companion calls it the "llamado tronky" (the trunky phone-call) that makes you miss home! Anyways, I think I'll be calling for one hour around 5-7pm Chile time (1-3pm Albuquerque time), so be home! :) Oh, and I'll probably be calling around 8 am (Albuquerque time) on Wednesday to set up the call on Thursday and make sure everything is okay. This call is only like 5 minutes or less.

I'm sending some pictures again. The first is with the niños de la familia Nuñez. We had a family home evening with them last week, so we went ahead and took some pictures while we were at it. I love the people here in Chile! They are all so amazing.

The next two pictures are of another one of our meals. Pizza is pretty big here in Chile, and when we eat pizza, we tend to have large portions. Like 5 pizzas for 2 people! :) Of course, I'm not one to complain. I think I can handle the large portions of Chile -- it's in my blood.

The next two pictures are of my first baptism! We taught a young man (14 years old) named Jan. He's awesome! His baptism was on Saturday, and he was baptized by a priest in our ward (Denis). Denis is on the left and Jan is on the right. We have another baptism this coming Saturday. The investigator's name is Carola, and she is the girlfriend of one of the members of our ward. Hopefully I'll get some pictures to send because she is amazing also!

Elder Cañellas and I have been working hard and we have found some amazing people to teach. One is a lady named Marisol. The miracle with Hermana Marisol is that whenever we teach her, I can actually speak and understand, which is a rare occurance. I love the spirit of missionary work and teaching the gospel! There's really nothing that compares with it. Marisol has been prepared for the Gospel, and it's amazing to see her spirit grow!

This week, we also taught a young 12-year-old named Dante. When we started teaching, he told us that he didn't believe in God. But, when we talked a bit more, he told us that he really wanted to believe in God. He came to church on Sunday on his own, and he stayed all 3 hours. He told us that he really loved it and that he wants to come again. What a miracle!

This week was pretty interesting. I edited a Graduate Thesis (in English) for one of the members of our ward. I also taught a class on Primeros Auxilios (first aid) and taught how to measure blood pressure (in Spanish!). The bad part of this lesson was after I was finished, the mercury blood pressure gauge (sphygmomenometer) fell and broke! So, I'm going to pay around $40 to replace it. But don't worry -- I have the money in my emergency fund! :)

It also seems that I get to use all my talents on the mission. I've had some opportunities to tune guitars, and I might start up English classes or guitar classes in our ward. Also, every time we need a special musical number, it seems I'm volunteered to sing. Go figure. :) Oh, and I think I'm giving violin lessons to an investigator this coming Saturday. Crazy, eh?

Anyways, I love this mission. I don't think there's much more to say than that! It's still pretty hard to learn the language and understand everything, but I'll keep at it. Hopefully within a couple months I can do better. I think I'm just trying to translate in my head or something! :p But, it's fun nonetheless. Hopefully I'll be able to speak a little Spanish to you on Thursday (Christmas)!

the only Elder Hobbs! Is Jacob really home? How crazy! :)

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