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December 29, 2008

¡Hola mis padres! ¿Cómo estaí? (forgive my Chilean slang...)

It was great to hear from you on Christmas! Sorry I was a little awkward on the phone; it's something I still have to get used to -- speaking in English! Haha! No, but estas fiestas have been amazing. The people, the food, the spirit... There's nothing in the world like the mission!

So, for your Christmas present, I decided to send a bunch of pictures. I wish I could send them all, but there just is never enough time! Here are some details about those that I'm sending:

The first is the box of junk-food my companion and I were sent home with. This was the beginning of our fat-fest!

The next is playing the violin to accompany the missionary choir of Arica. We were performing in the Central of Arica on Christmas Eve, and as we performed, other missionaries were out doing some proselyting. It went great!

The next photo is with Hermana Veliz, a really sweet widow in our ward who has two special daughters. She really reminds me of Grandma Pitcher! Hermana Veliz gave my companion and I little traveling bags filled with toiletries. They are great!

The next photo is taken with la familia Mamani in our ward. We always visit their family to share messages and enjoy their company.

The next two photos are our my Christmas with my companion. We opened presents at Midnight on Christmas morning (don't worry -- we had permission to stay up late!). I got an agenda from Hermana Senda Flores and the travelling kit from Hermana Veliz. And guess what? Everyone spelt my name either Elder Job or Elder Jobs! How funny!

The next two photos are of our baptism this last Saturday of Carola Wilms. She was baptised by her pololo (boyfriend) René during the Noche Blanca (White Night) with 10 other investigators from our stake. It all went really well! I also played the violin for 2 special musical numbers before returning the instrument to the Stake President, Presidente Chavez.

Finally, the rest of the pictures are from today. We visited a place called La Cueva with tons of awesome caves right by the beach! It was really fun. The pictures of the City from high up are taken from a place called el Morro. It is a famous monument in Chile where a war against Peru was won. And isn't the city beautiful??? Whoever says the desert is ugly has never visted Arica: la ciudad de primavera eterna (the city of eternal spring)!

And of course, more food. There are two pictures with lots of meat. Yes mom, I'm spoiled here with steak and papitos! What can I say? It was like I was made for this mission! :) My companion cooked up a bunch of steak and meat and we had an amazing barbeque with the familia Casas and some other missionaries. It was wonderful! Needless to say, I weigh mas o menos 300 lbs. No joke.

Also, yesterday I had the first opportunity to give a blessing in Spanish -- to a little baby! I was chosen by one of the mrembers to seal the annointing of his little baby and give a blessing. What a humbling experience!

I have loved this weeks. I have received the gift of tongues in my instances, and I am so grateful to my Heavenly Father for this opportunity to serve and work. I love you! Have a wonderful New Year!

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