Tuesday, December 16, 2008

December 8, 2008 - Hola otra vez

How's everything back at home? Having a wonderful holiday?

Well, this week has been awesome, as always! I don't have much time to write, but I will try my best! My papita, Dario, is amazing. He cooks every lunch for us, and we are well fed! We don't have to pay for the almuerzo (lunch) at all or for any of the services. He does our laundry, hosts district get togethers, etc! It's great. Man, I am spoiled, even here in South America!

Today we watched Remember the Titans. It was fun to try to read the Spanish subtitles! :)

Thanks for your emails, mom and dad! As for the questions about Christmas, here are some answers:

The address for sending packages is as follows:

Elder Samuel Hobbs
Mission Chile Antofagasta
Sucre 220 Edificio Bulnes Dpto. 504
Antofagasta, II Region

I think you can send letters here also, but it's probably better through the "Castilla de Correo" address. I don't know!

The letter from President Urra was just saying that the mail system is safe. I don't think that the president or his wife understood your email because they don't speak any English! :) It's quite nice that nobody in my daily life speaks English because it really helps with the language. I'm kinda forced to use Spanish (or Castellano, as they call the language here in Chile). It's great!

As for gifts here in Chile, my companion and I could always use an awesome missionary tie from the US! :) Oh yeah, also some North American junk food for my companion. Other than that, I think the money wired to my Mastercard is the best gift. Just let me know how much in dollars (and in Chilean pesos, if it's possible -- there's something like 600 pesos in a dollar) so that I won't over-draw!

As for other news here, it's still the perfect weather, and every day is a blessing. I have received the gift of tongues and interpretation of tongues when I have needed it, but I'm still lost most of the time! It's great fun. One neat experience was a lady who was having a birthday that we contacted. We knocked on her door and offered to sing her a song for her birthday. We sang "Venid, adoremos" (Oh come all ye faithful), and the lady (Norma) began to cry because the spirit was strong! She thanked us for the visit. We left with a prayer, and we have an appointment to teach her tonight!

There are many amazing experiences here on the mission, and I know I'm where I'm needed. We have planned 2 baptisms before the end of the year, but we're trying to go for more! There are so many people in this world ready to hear the gospel, as well as those not so ready. But, we try to give everyone a chance to accept our message! :)

Well, hopefully I can write more in my letter home (I still haven't figured out the mail system here!). I love you! Take care!


Elder Hobbs

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