Sunday, May 18, 2008

Bubbles and Baby D's Surprise Swim Party!

Yesterday, we celebrated the 16th birthday of two of my friends: Baby D (Dillon Moss) and Bubbles (Landon Yarrington). We surprised them at the Yarrington's house with a pool party, and it was pretty crazy! We've been having nice, warm weather recently, but yesterday was the exception. The water was freezing, and dark clouds were looming. The sun was soon gone, the wind was blowing, but we were still swimming! Here is the card I made for Baby D:

Some of the girls who came to celebrate the coming to age of the birthday boys:

Sweet party!

A few individuals didn't know about the swim party, but that didn't stop them from getting wet!

My friends and I have an affinity towards the diving board. Here are some of our stunts:

Belly Flop!

I next tried my hand at some underwater photography. The water wasn't as transparent as I thought it would be, and my hands were shaking from the cold. Luckily, I did get some good shots:

You'll see that, as the afternoon progressed, my stomach got progressively redder. This is due to the fact that my specialty trick off the diving board is the belly flop. You'll also see a lot of cold faces and a nice overcast sky. Luckily, however, it wasn't as cold as swimming in a high altitude mountain lake!

Fun party! Hopefully these new 16 year olds will take a lot of girls out on dates and become pristine gentlemen.

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