Monday, April 21, 2008

Religion 101 at UNM

Sorry about my lack of blog postings, but the card reader on my computer still isn't working. Luckily, my scanner works, so I can put things like this on my blog (I hope you can read at least some of it!). You'd never see something like this at BYU:

While perusing through this morning's Daily Lobo (looking for the Sudoku, of course), this article stuck out. I have listened to this preacher every Tuesday and Thursday as I walked to Kung Fu and back to my dorm, and all I ever heard him do was condemn people to Hell. I just hope I have a little more tact (and truth) when I'm on my mission...

As for other going-ons, I am working on my mission papers, so they should be in within the next couple of weeks! I'm pretty excited. Any guesses of where I'll be called to serve?

Well, it is now time for Calculus. Adieu.

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Cel & Mike said...

Japan Sapporo. You will be one of the frozen chosen!