Friday, April 25, 2008

My Famous Friend

After going to the temple to do baptisms this evening, I had the great opportunity to see one of my good friends, Paul Twitchell, in the Daily Lobo. He's famous! (Click on the picture below to see the full article).

Yes, people, that's right. A signature from the individual on the cover of the Daily Lobo. Man, I feel special.

And, of course, a movie of my good friend Paul. I hope you enjoy!


Celestine said...

That was truly inspiring, Sam. I'm so glad that UNM is reaching out and helping those with disabilities. Everyone wants to feel like they belong and to become as independent as possible :-). You're one of my all-time inspirations! I love you.

Rachel said...

Sam the Great,
I love your blog. I'm linking to it. Maybe I should post Paul's autograph to me on mine as well.