Saturday, February 2, 2008

YSA Regional Activity, etc

This weekend, I attended a regional Young Single Adult activity in Los Alamos and had lots of fun. I think there were around 100-150 people there, so not too bad of a turn out. We first had dinner (green-chili enchiladas) and participated in some activities, following which we had a devotional by Brother Chuck Brown.

We went to this outdoor ice skating rink from 10 pm to midnight on Friday. Putting 100 Mormon single adults out on the ice was probably a bad idea. There were a lot of injuries that night.

A few friends and I had fun skating fast, sliding on our stomachs, and slamming into the wall. It got a little cold after a while, especially when the ice melted and evaporation kicked in.

There were other people who slid on their stomachs and/or backs, but I'm not sure if all of it was intentional.

Here's one of the injuries after that night. This is my good friend Johnny Schmutz who took a nice blow to his chin:

Luckily, I was prepared with my Care Bear Bandaids:

On Friday night, we slept in Los Alamos. Our hotel room was a little cramped with six guys in it. I'm just glad we aren't girls -- can you imagine six girls sharing one bathroom in the morning? Anyways, these were our sleeping arrangements. I had the floor and was covered in jackets:

Sean and Paul got this full-size bed:

Brent got the other bed (no picture), and Johnny got a sleeping bag on the floor:

And, last but not least, David got the closet:

At 6 in the morning, after a good 3 hours of sleep, Johnny and I were going to go swimming, but the pool was closed for treatment. Instead we worked out and had a HUGE continental breakfast. Then, I did some homework before the day's activities, which included a trip into the Jemez for some sledding (another dangerous sport for many single adults):

This is one of my best friends, Sean Larson. He's too good for sledding, so here's him and his snowboard:

This is Paul Twitchell, a good friend from the branch. When John Heder came to Albuquerque, Paul won the Napoleon Dynamite look-alike contest, and some people were actually convinced that Paul was the real Napoleon. Crazy, huh? Paul actually does an incredible Napoleon impersonation. It makes me laugh.

After Lunch on Saturday, we drove back to ABQ and I was dead tired. But, my parents were heading to Belen to have dinner with Jared, Jenny, and Mario, so I tagged along. Jenny made a really good Dominican dinner for us that evening.

Look at how much Mario has grown! This is him in his car seat now:

This was Mario soon after he got out of the hospital in the same car seat as above:

What a happy Grandma!

Why do babies love to stare at floating animals spinning in the air?

What a cute baby!


Lou said...

wasn't this weekend so fun? i am glad nobody got seriously injured! your closet was for sure bigger than our closet!!

Jessica Hobbs said...

Oh man! Looks like a lot of fun! Hey, I recognize some of those people--do you know Billy or Iwalani?

Also, Mario is SO CUTE!!!! Agh!

rackel said...

WHOA!! that looked like a blast!! and all that snow! crazy. there were a few people in that picture of you and dallin and lani that i didn't recognize.

Celestine said...

That was one LONG blog posting, Sam! GREAT job! I like that last photo of baby Mario. I'm so in love with him.

I'm so glad you could go to Belen with us to visit Jared and Jenny. Hang tough in school and keep doing your best. I love you!