Monday, February 11, 2008

I Also Love Lions

The story behind the lion: My earliest Christmas memory was of being in Washington D.C. and getting my very first stuffed animal -- a lion with fluffy mane and cute face. I took him everywhere I went. A few years later, I took him with me while out shopping with my mom and with my best friend. My best friend wasn't feeling so well, and she ended up barfing all over my stuffed animal. My mom washed him and ended up ruining the fluffiness of the mane. It was a scarring moment in my life, but luckily my mom got me this new lion for Valentine's Day. She says he's the offspring of my original lion.

How could you not love lions? (and yes, this is also a spam video from my mom...)

Here's another pre-Valentine's Day activity: making tons of candy for people I don't know. Oh well, it was fun while it lasted.


Cel & Mike said...

Sam, that Lion reminds me of your first stuffed animal.

Celestine said...

Sam, you know what I love more than lions or any other cute animal? YOU! Thanks for being such an awesome young man :-).

I'm looking forward to spending two weeks with you and your dad in Europe this summer before your mission!