Thursday, February 7, 2008


Yes, we got some snow, but it's all melted now. However, this time school wasn't delayed. Yay! Here are some shots through my dorm window (it was too cold to go outside):

Now for some exciting (yet geeky) news. My brother Jared has been getting me hooked on Linux (which is so much better than Windows, for anyone wondering). I just installed the newest version of Gnome on my computer and it's awesome!

Look at these amazing virtual desktops. I have four based around a cube. This is an incredible 3-D interface.

Here's my new set up. Sorry about the camera job; I don't have three hands to demonstrate things!

There's also lots of crazy effects. I can make windows burn, warp, dissolve, explode, etc. when I open and close them. It's pretty intense. I can also write with fire on my screen. Here's a good example:

If you want to learn more, here are some movies. You can learn what Ubuntu really means.


Jenny said...

Hey Sam. I dreamed about last night, we were at your parents house and you were ready to open you letter from the mission. They will going to send you to a mission in Georgia. Crazy, eh?

Sam said...

That's pretty crazy! In fact, a while back I had a dream that I got my call to the same mission as Jacob in Tennessee and that I saw him there. Does it mean that I'm going to the south? :o

Cel & Mike said...

I think Georgia is a small town in Hokkaido Japan.