Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Jared's Birthday Shindig

Tomorrow is Jared's birthday, but since Jenny's mom and sister are leaving for New York in the morning, we had our celebration tonight! Look at him! A quarter of a century! And, in 5 more days, his baby will be a quarter of a year old!

Mmmm... Doesn't that cake look yummy? It's a Texas Sheet Cake that my mom had me make from scratch. Oh yeah! So good!

Okay, dinner's over and it's time for presents. First up: dad's gift from Harbor Freight.

Next up: my gift. What in the world could this one be????

Oh man, why so much paper?

Looks like Jared's excited!

That's right! A limited edition of my book!

And of course, I could always use a model endorsement!

Now for mom's gift (notice the Hanukkah wrapping paper in the following pics) :

What in the world could this one be?

What??? A box from lulu.com? Could it possibly be this?

Nope, just a sweatshirt.

Now, for some strange reason, it's Jenny's mom and Julie's turn:

Happy January 22nd, everybody! Vote Mitt, 2008!


Dan said...

nice pictures, looks like it was a great party.....cute girls too Sam...Wow! You're lucky.

Sam said...

Thanks, Uncle Dan! I'm trying to post a lot, but since school started, I think I'm slowing down. Hopefully I'll get some pictures of the campout my dad and I are going on this weekend!