Wednesday, January 30, 2008

A Fun New Mexico Fact

Did you know that it can rain, hail, sleet, or even snow while there are blue skies and the sun is shining? Here's the proof. I took these pictures while walking to my dorm from institute. It started snowing pretty intensely (for New Mexico's standards), but the sun was nice and warm and there was plenty of blue sky. Sorry, but these pictures don't quite do our weather patterns justice; it's kinda hard to see both the snow and the sky.

Right now, there's only blue skies out, and the snow has stopped (about 15 minutes after it started). It did feel like 20 degrees outside, but now it feels like spring. Weird, eh?


Tresann said...

darn new mexico weather!

Sam said...

Ah, good ol' New Mexico! I actually don't mind our weather at all. It's quite fun. ;)