Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Dog Sitting and a Trip to the Zoo

Here it is: a really long post! In the past couple of days, I took a total of around 400 pictures, so here's just a simple overview.

A few days ago, my friend Sean and I went on a hike with my aunt's dogs, Skylo and Redmond:

But, Redmond got worn out pretty fast, so we soon turned back.

Redmond would rather carry around a ridiculous number of balls in his mouth!

Yesterday, my family, Sean, and I went to the zoo. Sadly, most of the animals were being pretty lazy:

Here are some more pictures of our journey for your enjoyment:

Ah, just like twins!

Into the reptile house! There was a new animal on exhibit, I think it was from Mexico. See if you can spot it in the following pictures!

The world's biggest rodents:

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