Saturday, January 26, 2008

2008 Klondike Derby

What?!?! Snow in New Mexico?!?! That's queraysi... There's only one explanation -- the 2008 Klondike Derby! Yeah! I must be crazy, but this is my 8th Klondike. It's nice being old enough to not actually participate in (or run) the event. Here are some pictures. If they look smoky, that's probably because they are. We had a really smoky fire.

A true child of the snow:

I was a witness of some child labor enforced by the senior patrol leader. He wanted these poor children to create a snow cave for him.

How was I supposed to know a big pile of snow was supposed to be a cave? It seemed like a nice place to hike through in my ninja outfit. I may have started a trend:

I don't think the senior patrol leader, Dillon (aka Baby D), was too pleased about his cave.

One of the great things about Klondikes is the food. We had smoked salmon on toasted buns with melted cheese and pure deliciousness. Brother Naegle had a specialty of dutch oven bacon, so we ate about 9 lbs of bacon last night and obtained a good pot-full of grease for fire-starters and for the pancakes in the morning:

Other gourmet camping specialties included toasted marshmallows, hot dogs, and bananas (with bacon, of course):

Some marshmallows were a little on the well-done side, but when has that ever stopped a real boy scout from eating anything?

The Naegle's are well-known for their pyromania/extreme fire-building skills. I thought we needed some nice pictures, but they don't give the fire-builders justice.

Dad and I slept in style. If anyone is wondering, don't worry. I was the firefighter; my dad got Rageddy Anne.

Of course, there are always models in my pictures. See if you can tell which of these young men represents the model and which represents an extra in a war movie set in the winter time:

I decided to deck myself out to stay warm. Believe me, it worked. Here are a few of my own model shots:

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